Bonnie Swanson
Some attributes
First Full Name: Bonnie Swanson
Second Origin: Family Guy Season 1
Third Personality: Good, pure of heart, wise, sympathetic, friendly
Other attributes
Fourth Alignment: Good
Fifth Voice: Jennifer Tilly
Sixth Status: Alive
Bonnie Swanson is Joe's calm and soft-spoken wife, and mother of Kevin and Susie Swanson. She had been pregnant from her first appearance in "A Hero Sits Next Door" in season one until "Ocean's Three and a Half" in season seven, when she finally gave birth to a daughter, named Susie (voiced by Patrick Stewart). Her prolonged pregnancy was pointed out byPeter in the season four episode "Blind Ambition." Joe temporarily left her in "Believe It or Not, Joe's Walking on Air" when he regained the ability to walk. He returned to her when she tried to shoot him to paralyze him. After missing several times, he did it himself. She was arrested in "The Hand That Rocks The Wheelchair" after Meg planted a gun in her purse due to Meg's infatuation with Joe which she acquired when Bonnie asked her to look after Joe while she was out of town. In "Foreign Affairs", Bonnie goes to Paris with Lois in the hopes of having an affair after feeling neglected by Joe. She nearly leaves Joe for a French man, also in a wheelchair, named Francois. After intervention from Lois, Joe comes to Paris and apologises for neglecting her before proving his love by walking (although it was actually Quagmire walking, tied to Joe's back). Bonnie reunites with Joe and they return to Quahog.