Francesca Terwilliger
Francesca Terwilliger
Some attributes
First Full Name: Francesca Terwilliger (née Vendetto)
Second Origin: The Simpsons Season 17
Third Personality: psychopath, protective, vengeful
Other attributes
Fourth Alignment: Bad (Usually), Neutral (Sometimes)
Fifth Voice: Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Tress MacNeille
Francesca Terwilliger (née Vendetto) is Sideshow Bob's wife. She is Italian. They have a son named Gino. At first she knew nothing of her husband's multiple murder attempts. When she does become aware, she helps Bob try to kill the Simpsons family. She and Gino, along with Sideshow Bob's mother and father attempted to have Bart incinerated to get revenge. She is currently incarcerated, like the rest of the Terwilliger family. [1]

Francesca with Bob and Gino in London.

She may be based on Esmeralda from Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame as they both wear gold hoop earrings, a white low-cut shirt and red lipstick and they both have olive skin and black hair. Also, both are mothers.